“I got my first tattoo at the age of 15 from now infamous Canadian tattoo artist “Dave Shore”. As most people with tattoos know, once you get one, you’re hooked and feel the need for more, almost like an addiction. I did not see Dave again until the mid-90s, when I had him ink a Tiger on my shoulder. From there I met several artists and had many more Tats added to my body.

In 2012 my love for the art of Tattooing coupled with my business experience and my wife Angie in the customer service industry for over 30 years, took us to the next step and decided to open a tattoo studio. Our vision for this shop was to provide individuals, from the ages of 18 to 99, the opportunity to have a tattoo created for them that – perhaps they always wanted – but were too intimidated by the traditional “tattoo studio environments” to get.

At Forever Inked, we provide an inviting, comfortable, safe and sterile setting where you will feel welcome. Feel free to stop by, to discuss your tattoo ideas. From there we can help you create a piece you’ll be proud to wear forever!”

-Rob McGill


Forever Inked Tattoos in Surrey is a little shop that wants to make a big difference. They are motivated by a sense of family and community, emphasized by their diverse range of clientele. Jason reminisces about an interesting group of customers from one side of a family who went to the shop for matching tattoos. The group were all women aged 18-88. Jason explains, “We want to break free of some of the stigma tattoo parlours have; we don’t only cater to bikers, for example. We want to break that misperception and show that we are a family.”

Here at Forever Inked we strive to have two charity fundraisers a year! We believe that we should give back to the community that helps us each and everyday! Each Fundraiser we host we strive to reach our goals that we uphold from the event as well as the charity’s goals.

This year in 2017, we have chosen The Parkinson Society of British Columbia; we have raised $4,500 to donate to the people of British Columbia living with Parkinson’s disease. In the future we plan on continue raising money for our chosen charity. In October 2017, Forever Inked Tattoos in Surrey held a flash event and raffle in support of Parkinson Society British Columbia’s programs, services, advocacy efforts and research contributions. Thanks to the generosity of the staff at Forever Inked Tattoos, as well as a number of organizations and businesses who donated to the raffle, this event raised a total of $4,368!

Tattoo artist Jason Hopes explains why the business gives back to the community, “Last year, we raised $4,500 for BC Children’s Hospital… As well we have raised $3,200 for the Surrey Women’s Center in May of 2017.”
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