Jason Hopes

Experience: Professional Tattoo Artist Since 2003
Tattoo Design Specialty: Black and Gray, 3D, Full Colour to Portraits.

Jason has been a professional tattoo artist since 2003 and trained for 2 years out of a well-established shop in Abbotsford.
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    Justin(Randy Goat)Parent

       Justin (Randy Goat) Parent

    Experience: Professional Tattoo Artist Since 2013
    Tattoo Design Specialty: Neo-Traditional & Realizem

    Justin, AKA Randy Goat, has just started his career as a tattoo artist.

    Most people call Justin but his friends call him "Randy Goat". He started drawing at the age of 12 and got interested in tattooing in 2013. Justin fell in love of the art of tattooing and has not looked back since.Justin enjoys tattooing neo-traditional and realiziem but can tattoo any style. he like to think as free spirit and his favorite color is bubble gum pink.