Jason Hopes

Experience: Professional Tattoo Artist Since 2003
Tattoo Design Specialty: Black and Gray, 3D, Full Colour to Portraits.

Jason has been a professional tattoo artist since 2003 and trained for 2 years out of a well-established shop in Abbotsford.
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    Zachary Orchard

    Experience: Professional Tattoo Artist, Fine Arts Diploma
    Tattoo Design Specialty: Realism & Colour

    Zachary Orchard is a tattoo artist from Ontario. His work in the tattoo industry began in Ontario and has been an artist since 2010.
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      Experience: 3rd Year Tattooist
      Tattoo Design Specialty: “Neotradtional Colour”

      Storm is in her third year of tattooing and is originally from the Vancouver area. Storm is very artistic in many areas including music, cosplay and modeling.
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