I got my first tattoo at the age of 15 from now infamous Canadian tattoo artist “Dave Shore”. As most people with tattoos know, once you get one, you’re hooked and feel the need for more, almost like an addiction. I did not see Dave again until the mid-90s, when I had him ink a Tiger on my shoulder. From there I met several artists and had many more Tats added to my body.

In 2012 my love for the art of Tattooing coupled with my business experience and my wife Angie in the customer service industry for over 30 years, took us to the next step and decided to open a tattoo studio. Our vision for this shop was to provide individuals, from the ages of 18 to 99, the opportunity to have a tattoo created for them that – perhaps they always wanted – but were too intimidated by the traditional “tattoo studio environments” to get.

At Forever Inked, we provide an inviting, comfortable, safe and sterile setting where you will feel welcome. Feel free to stop by, to discuss your tattoo ideas. From there we can help you create a piece you’ll be proud to wear forever!

-Rob McGill